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For Years I Spent Moving From Method To Method, Changing, Swapping and Trying To Find Something...

But Not Just Something That Worked!

Something That Actually Inspired, Excited and Fulfilled Me On A Deeper Level Than Just The Money!

Sound Familiar? Let's Find Your Purpose!

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About Lewis Turner

Let’s Keep This Short & Sweet!

Life should be an adventure, it should be something you enjoy, move forward with and ultimately evolve.

My journey officially started when I hit the dreaded 30 and from that point on I decided that life needed to change….

All this was done through profound events that enabled me to evolve, progress and overcome!

Now it’s time for me to share my journey and help you find your Profound Evolution Too! 

Want to change your life too?


Business Snapshots

This list fits perfectly to my HD as a 3/5…

^^^^if you don’t know what this is then head back up to the top and opt-in, it’s all part of your self discovery.

Which means I was designed to try, fail, optimize and spot improvements!

All until I find the thing that actually fulfills me mentally, emotionally and financially!

Crazy really…

But as a coach, mentor and trainer… it’s a massive advantage to be able to easily help others with my previous experience and unique ability to solve problems!

Let’s see where the next 20 years take me…


Solo Ads Innovation + Coaching

0 to $100 a day in just 6 weeks to then teaching others to make $10k per month ($35,000 in one month student record)!


3rd Largest Free Adult Forum

Back when this wasn’t all free and easily searched I had no idea what i was doing but managed to build the 3rd largest global forum in the Industry.


Angry Birds SEO - 1st Position!

PBN SEO – Spending $20k a month on SEO to bring in $1k+ a day in income… Until the next Google Animal Slap 🙁


External Cleaning - Offline Business

Took a step away from online and built a lifestyle offline business to give me 2 weeks of work / 2 weeks of freedom!

....Now It's Your Turn! Transform Your Life! Transform Your Life!

Lewis is responsible for me believing in myself and making my first money with an online business and getting out of my 9 to 5. I now run and help run multiple online and offline businesses. Thank you Lewis for giving me that catalyst to start!
matt houghton
Matt Houghton
I've had the pleasure of knowing Lewis for many years now. It's a breath of fresh air to see someone else doing things ethically, morally and with integrity. I fully approve anything Lewis teaches, says and sells!
andie brocklehurst
Andie Brocklehurst
I've had the pleasure of watching Lewis energetically evolve and embody his human design over the past few years and truly find his purpose that's aligned with exactly who he is. He's also my go to person to spot improvements and better ways of doing things in my own business... the power of him being a 3/5!
shari thompson
Shari Thompson
Lewis has helped me take my side hustle business into something that is now continuing to grow every single day and push towards creating the social and environmental impact I built it for. Together with his advice on the re-brand, new story hooks and upgrading the social media, I'm now able to grow the business even quicker than before.
charlotte pic
Charlotte foxhall

So What's Your Next Step?

If you have read this far, then I know your intrigued…
So let’s keep it simple and give you 3 steps…

Step 3).

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