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McDonalds Brand Connection Story… What’s Yours?

It’s funny, without even realizing it, it’s actually YOU that people are buying from!

Even with the big brands, it’s the marketing, the colours and today even how they reply on social media that continues those values beyond the owners.

Take McDonalds…

They introduced Ronald McDonald back in 1963, a friendly clown (although the photos don’t look too friendly) to be the face of the brand to bring in more children and familys.

Then there are the celebrity endoresements… i.e. leveraging the personality of a celebrity to pivot those same values onto their brand.

Remember the Travis Scott meal in the US?

That wasn’t even anything unique and yet he was paid $5 milion for the endoresement and made another $15 million on merchandise as a result too.

Or Justin Timberlakes “I’m lovin it” song, he was paid $6million for that! + they helped sponsor his european tour too back in 2003.

Then more recently….

They are currently coffering free football sessions for kids as part of their “fun football” campaign.

^^^Kinda ironic that unhealthy fast food is pushing to keep kids active… but again, all part of how they want to be percieved.

Now your brand story is obviously a lot different to McDonalds and your probably not going to be shelling out $5+ million for a celebrity endoresement just yet….


The words you write, the videos you shoot and the parts of your life that you share are what people will connect with!

My last big product had people connecting with me who resonated with the fact that I was an expat living in France…

Without even realzing it at the time, that was what a large % of the customers connected with as they shared similar stories.

So what’s your brand connection story?

And how can you tailor specific parts of your life to resonate with the people you want as your customers to keep your message conguent?

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