Liz Truss Brand Memes – Lettuce Take A Look!

After 45 days as Prime Minister, Liz Truss’s resignation was finally announced.

The shortest time served by any prime minister!

Well… at least she accomplished something 🤣

Previous to that it was George Canning who served less than 4 months (119 days) before his unexpected death from pneumonia.

Fortunately for us though, Twitter has been rife with memes galore!

Let’s take a look at some of the best truss memes from brands on social media!

Screenshot 2022 10 21 at 14.23.46
Screenshot 2022 10 21 at 14.17.25
Screenshot 2022 10 21 at 14.18.19
Screenshot 2022 10 21 at 14.18.12
Screenshot 2022 10 21 at 14.17.41

….And then the Daily Star decided to live stream a lettuce on YouTube to see if it could outlast Liz Truss 🤣

Screenshot 2022 10 21 at 14.17.52

…Leading to a fantastic response to this perfect marketing opportunity by Deliveroo.

Screenshot 2022 10 21 at 14.24.16

These are perfect examples of how brands are “cashing in” on news and trends!

If you want to improve your social media then take note.

People use twitter, facebook, instagram etc to be entertained. They are bored and want something to keep them occupied while they have nothing to do.

These tweets have been shared EVERYWHERE!

Keeping these brands back in front of their consumers, giving them a reminder and making them smile at the same time.

You can easily do this with your brand too (heck I’ve written a whole blog post about it and you probably found this from either my or someone else’s social media shares too.

Follow Google Trends
Take a look at the news
Or just scroll down your social media feed and see what people are talking about

Post your funny opinion, make a meme, bring out the comedy in your marketing!

Latest On #lisstruss on Twitter

Liz Trust Pay Day!


What’s causing the most controversy with all of this is the fact that every PM in the UK gets paid even after they step down and leave the office… like a permanent pension…

Let’s break it down:

Liz Truss is 47

She’s eligible for £115k/year as ex PM.

If she lives to 83 (average life expectancy).

She’ll have received (not earned):


For 43 days in office.

£96.2k per day.

Maybe I’m in the wrong business!

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