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Solo Ad Traffic Tricks – Guaranteed Your Best Solo Ads ROI

Let’s keep this as simple and easy as possible and break down some tactics and tricks I’ve used in the past to get the BEST ROI on any solo ad purchase!

It doesn’t matter how little traffic your buying. These tricks will make you even more money from every single visitor!

Solo Ad Tracking

If you’re buying outside of the Udimi platform then you NEED to be tracking your traffic. Heck it can actually be really useful to track the traffic and conversions and be able to get a bit more advanced with where your sending the traffic to as well.

We recommend ClickMagick for solo ad tracking!

With clickmagick you can generate a completely unique link for every single solo ad you purchase, see exactly how it’s converting, the quality of the traffic (countries, bot/fake traffic).

You can also use it to run split tests, based both on the squeeze page you are using AND for the offer that they see afterwards too.

PLUS! You can get really clever with the traffic and if you are buying multiple solo ads / trying to scale up then you can filter the traffic so people don’t see the SAME thing over and over again and actually improve your conversion rates and money generated too.

ClickMagick has a 14 day free trial too, so grab it before you run your traffic!

Then you are hard coding in all the data and can get fancy with the setup later on down the line if your eager to get going straight away.

Squeeze Page Design & Most Important Parts

If you are tech-friendly then you can, by all means, code this from scratch or use WordPress and its plugins, add it in with something like Aweber to build your list and make do until you find a better solution.

Personally, I use Kartra for all of our funnels and email marketing too. It’s all built-in together so you don’t need multiple services and tools and can accurately track the whole flow of your subscribers and see exactly what they are opening, clicking and which sites they are visiting too.

This is highly important if you’re trying to run traffic directly to an offer!

I see it all the time with solo ad buyers, where they just promote the free squeeze page provided by the offer OR worse, direct to the offer. 

You NEED to create your own unique squeeze page (even if only slightly different) so the people actually opt-in and haven’t already seen it somewhere else beforehand.

This then means you are building your own email list and own an asset that will pay you back 10x over for years to come. You control the traffic then!

To build out the squeeze, email sequence and broadcast to the list I use and recommend Kartra… You can grab your 30 day free trial of Kartra here!

– Design –

Keep your squeeze pages SIMPLE!

All you need is a headline that tells them exactly what they are going to get by opting in.

Then improve the conversions by only asking for their email address (you don’t need their name).

Conversion Trick –

On a side note here, by using Kartra the email box comes pre-populated with the visitors email address if they have ever opted in to ANY website that’s also using Kartra (Kartra is HUGE!).

Which means your conversion rate increases even more too!

– Speed –

This is the MOST important factor for your squeeze page and funnel, if you’re trying to be cheap then your conversion rates are going to suffer.

The solution is using Kartra to build it on as it comes pre-optimized to be FAST!

Squeeze Page Design & Most Important Parts

As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t need to be complicated…

Squeeze page -> Offer


You do not need a thank you page either!

This is a common myth, especially with solo ad traffic! 

What happens with a thank you page after the squeeze page and before the offer is that it creates an extra step for the visitor to have to take before they can potentially purchase and make you money.

Keep it simple!

Direct to the offer after the squeeze page and keep the squeeze page congruent with the offer so they are expecting to see something similar / the offer answers what they have opted in for.

Use ClickMagick if you want to split test multiple offers as you can set it to rotate through multiple offers.

Then use Kartra to build a really nice looking simple squeeze page and optin form to build your list.

Write up some follow-up emails sent out over the next 7 to 14 days promoting the offer and overcome their objections, share testimonials and even ask them to reply with their objections so you can overcome them personally and incorporate those into your follow-up sequence too.

Single VS Double Optin

You NEED to be using single opt-in!

Double optin is great BUT you want to get as many subscribers that you can email as possible, so reduce the steps required by them and keep it simple here too!


Don’t let all this new info keep you from getting going!

This includes some of the more advanced tactics to run highly profitable solo ads… you don’t NEED them from the get-go.

It just massively helps to get results quicker and better results too.

If you’re looking to buy solo ads… then I highly recommend Udimi!

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