Theme Page Case Study Part 2

Theme Page Millionaire – Research & Action – Part 2


So in the last post we ran through what the idea was, a little bit of research of examples of what people were already doing within the “theme page” industry.

Click here if you haven’t already read the last post
(otherwise this probably won’t make much sense!)

Now it’s time to dive in a bit deeper, come up with some niches and show you some more examples too.

Then…. choose what niche(s) I’m going to go after too.

Without just saying “There are 100’s of niches”…. that’s of no help to anyone right!

Let’s get going…

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    Niche Ideas & Theme Page Examples


    There are literally 1000’s of niches out there! 

    From the obscure to the more normal… 

    The MOST profitable niches are:

    • Digital marketing.
    • Blogging and making money online.
    • Health and fitness.
    • Personal finance and investing.
    • Recipes and food.
    • Personal development and self-care.

    Obviously, inside each of these are both tiny and gigantic sub-niches. The main thing we need to remember is…

    It HAS to be able to be monetized…. and we want to monetize from day 1 by either
    a). using it as a traffic source to our current business
    b). selling someone else’s product/training/course via an affiliate link.

    AND we need enough content for the niche (without creating it all ourselves, unless it’s like the manifestation examples below)

    Let’s make a list of some niches…

    Instead of just making a huge list of niche has no value!

    Instead we are going to break it down into 3 methods…

    1). Choose something you LOVE!

    2). Using it to drive traffic to your existing business

    2). Reverse Niche Research…. and find products first… then work out the niche…

    1). Niche You Love

    Now, don’t get me wrong I HATE it when people are like…. ooooo go into a niche that you love!

    They ask me for my hobbies and in the past, that was like…. urrmm? *blank stare*

    Now I do actually have hobbies and interests…. but I get it!

    How on earth do you monetize shopping? watching TV? Porn? Long walks on the beach?

    (now this sounds like the typical boring dating profile right!… minus the porn!)

    But… it doesn’t have to be complicated… you can literally make $$$ from ANY niche!

    Let me show you the most absurd example I shot a video on tiktok the other week….

    Sea Monkeys!!!! WTF!

    Their was another girl who made a huge series about the progress of frog spawn, then for a short while was selling “frog kits” (may just be seasonal, hence why it’s not for sale now) which was just dropshipping items like a paddling pool, tank, net etc into a all in one kit.

    But the views and engagement on it’s own is producing crazy revenue (calculator link)…. even if this is overinflated and you only made $252 to $420 per post… how many times a day would you post?


    Screenshot 20221101 233223
    Screenshot 20221101 2336092

    ^^^^ CRAZY INCOME!!!!

    Even though frogs are seasonal, this girl has continued the series and made content about her other pets… then when frog season comes back around… the content that started this channel comes back again!


    You can pretty much make $$$ from ANY niche if you remember back to the previous post (link to part 1), there are multiple ways to monetize!

    Frog Spawn ✅
    Sea Monkeys ✅


    2). Traffic To Your Existing Business

    This one is a bit easier! (in most cases!)

    Obviously, I don’t know your business…. So let me give you some more generic examples:

    Etsy Store / Print On Demand – Generally, you have a niche / target market for this.. be it age, demographic, hobbies etc so share that niches content.

    Even if it’s just meme page like with the daquan example we gave in part 1, it’s building a page with that audience and building up that data for you to be able to run ads to them (advanced strategy!), or dropping a link to your store in the post descriptions & in the bio.

    Blog – Again, it’s typically on one niche so you could just re-use other people’s content, give them credit and run theme pages for this to link back to your blog.

    ^^^^ If i was to build out a theme page for this blog, then I would copy the 1000’s of pages which are all business/success quotes and then put my link in the bio and mix in some of my own content in there too.

    Youtube Channel – Exactly the same process as with my blog

    – Actual Examples For Friends Businesses:

    Salsa – One of my good friends runs a local salsa dancing business, which also has an online product which teaches salsa from home.

    He could easily build a theme page using other people’s salsa videos, mixed in with his own and build up a huge audience to push customers for both of his products (depending on their location).

    Hiking / Ultra Running – Another friend is one of those crazy people who loves extreme hiking, adventure and ultra running. One day he wants to build up a business where he takes people out on treks and adventures as a guide. 

    He also has a HUGE amount of knowledge on camping gear, shoes, routes and kit! So even affiliate linking to specific products through amazon etc would work amazingly to generate $$$ before he opens the business.

    He could build up a theme page for this niche to find other people who are interested in this sort of content (it’s all he watches online anyway), then when he’s ready to open his business, he could easily either a). switch it over to just his content b). create a new profile just for his stuff and funnel the traffic across c). continue mixing it in and just link them to his website to book tours / join events via the bio link.

    Human Design / Manifestation – Another friend (I don’t actually have a lot of friends lol), runs a business completely built around HD training and using your unique HD in business.

    She is actually following this case study so she can be one of the first “student success stories” as she wants to build out a theme page which actively goes out and shares other people’s content around Human Design, Manifestation, Women in business etc. Bringing everyone’s content together and thus being able to positively impact even more people’s lives!

    Amazing idea and one which will not only benefit her as the owner but also all the other people teaching and learning about Human Design too (it’s crazy complicated and in-depth) with the extra viewers and followers they will get from being credited as the source/author too. Even more so than some niches as who you choose to learn from has to resonate/feel good to you (all the woo woo!)


    Local Business? Bonus Strategy! / (Agency Service Idea)​

    You can use the same fundamentals (i.e. the setup strategy, the tools, the formats and tech side) that I'm going to go through with this case study for ANY business.

    Take for example my last business which was a local exterior cleaning service (big change from this online stuff huh? *confused look*)

    Because of how Tiktok works, it shows the content to your local area... so you could easily get local clients just by posting videos of your work, before / after montages etc

    Exactly the same with Instagram, use local hashtags and locations and you can use the search to find people in the local area to send a follow to or like their content too. Even go as far as "stealing" other local businesses followers (most will be local right?).

    - Agency Offer - As a Service - (SMMA model)
    Now, your other option with this knowledge from the case study is to use it as a service to offer local businesses to drive them more traffic and customers.

    They make the content, you edit and re-purpose and post it across their social media channels and get their phone ringing for them!

    But why would they pay you for this?
    Easy! either they are too busy to do all the work and just want to grow the business and focus their energy elsewhere (the BEST kind of clients)
    They suffer with severe tech phobia and just don't understand how it all works / have no interest in learning but just want more customers.

    3). Reverse Niche Research

    To do this we need to find affiliate marketplaces, look at their products and then see how that could fit into a theme page niche.

    Screenshot 2022 10 27 at 19.29.48

    In their marketplace they have a whole section with different categories for offers and then even have a list of their top selling offers too.

    Let’s take a look at the top offers…

    Screenshot 2022 11 02 at 01.39.58

    So from this, we could get a bit creative and work out who that audience actually is, who has a need for this product?

    Weight Loss / Diet Pills – You could go and build a theme page around weddings (actually posted an example of one over on my tiktok, click here to watch it).

    We know people who are watching wedding content, are probably going to get married soon… or dream of having the perfect wedding and for that, they want to look their best right? So it’s an obvious recommendation.


    Screenshot 2022 11 02 at 01.41.00

    Even this dental product (the 2nd best selling on clickbank) could be sold to that same wedding audience.

    Or we would go after the dating niche? 

    Most of the products that are the BEST selling are in the weight loss /diet pills niche, so let’s keep on looking to find some more examples…

    Screenshot 2022 11 02 at 01.44.02

    This is a VERY strange product, but its VERY VERY specific!

    Although trump is no longer president (we missed out on the prime time for traffic), we could build out a theme page built completely around Trump and get a load of controversial comments (after all, some people love him and others hate him) and then promote this product and a load of memorabilia too.

    Let’s keep looking….

    Screenshot 2022 11 02 at 01.51.24

    This is a VERY interesting niche on tiktok and instagram!

    Let me show you an example of some accounts (literally be searching “wealth manifestation” on tiktok and finding content that isn’t people talking to camera).

    Screenshot 20221102 0155392
    Screenshot 20221102 0155562

    These videos are all built using stock footage as a background, then overlayed with text done with the tiktok editor. Very quick and simple!

    If we look at their pinned video, this has 11.3MILLION views and 22.9k comments… mostly which all say “claimed” or “claiming this” which is the go to comment for this niche (literally all over every single comment section of manifestation style videos… no matter how rubbish they are!)

    Let’s move onto one last example which actually says it’s working well on tiktok (you can search for tiktok on clickbank to find other offers too).

    Screenshot 2022 11 02 at 02.03.11

    Again… search for “soulmate” and “soulmate sketch” on tiktok and have a look at what’s already been posted!

    You will find LOADS of accounts that are using the exact same kinda of footage as the example above. Just based around relationships, dating and finding love.

    Their are even a few which use footage of celebrities talking about dating to leverage their authority for more views (…a bit like everyone using Mr Beast in their titles and thumbnails on YouTube to get more views).

    More Marketplaces:

    You don’t need to limit yourself down to just the clickbank marketplace, as we already said you can promote literally ANYTHING! 

    Clickbank is just a favourite as it pays out the highest % as they are digital products (i.e. have no cost to make) and so generally pay the best *not in all niches obviously*

    Here are just a few different places…

    Amazon Affiliate Program (earn commission on ANY product)
    ^^^You can even get paid for promoting people starting an amazon “baby wish list” (queue all the ideas on sharing theme pages for gender reveal videos, baby showers and funny baby videos)
    AffPlus (marketplace with lots of offers)
    AffBank (another marketplace with lots of offers)

    Still Struggling For A Niche Idea?

    Join The FREE FB Group And Ask In There 🙂

    Next Steps / Conclusion

    So the next step now that we have a load of niche ideas is to…

    a). not get overwhelmed and actually pick something that I will enjoy doing & that is monetizable (check for affiliate programs)!

    b). take a look at the different platforms to understand how each one works

    See you in part 3 where we actually pick a niche and get started on the setup 🙂

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