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Theme Page Money Business – How To / The Plan – Part 1


The biggest issue with most online business ideas is that they are stupidly complicated and actually require skill, money or even worse.. simply take forever to build up into something that can actually make money.

Or even worse, you have to sell some absolute cult crap that teaches other people how to make money online so you can make money online too (hello, MLM pyramid scheme!).

So I wanted to find something that was actually…
– SIMPLE (I suck at tech stuff!)

And could actually generate money… After all… money comes from the simple equation of:

Traffic -> Offer -> $$$

Add in the value part (i.e GOOD content, GOOD offer) and you make even or easier $$$! Simple enough right?

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    What Is A Theme Page?

    Let’s take a step back for a minute, rewind and start from scratch so we are both on the same page!

    What on earth is a theme page?
    In a nutshell it’s a page that posts content on one single topic (or theme), normally just content taken from other people and then re-purposed and reposted.

    Where are theme pages?
    They are all built on social media accounts. So tiktok, instagram (this used to be the main place years ago), youtube (very new with shorts) and now facebook pages with reels too.

    The reason we will use these places VS making a blog (a blog could come in later) is they actively help push your content out there to new people…. i.e. do the work to send you free traffic just for posting content.

    How do theme pages make money?
    Sponsored posts (selling posts/stories etc)
    Affiliate links
    POD (print on demand with a shopify style store)
    Data (<- This one is rarely talked about)
    Traffic to adsense earnings (youtube account, your own blog etc)

    Where do you find these theme pages?
    Before, these used to all be on Instagram. However, as with anything, technology moves forward and now… you mainly find them on Instagram and Tiktok.

    I’m hoping by sharing what I’m doing with you, it keeps me motivated and even better, hopefully, you follow along, have a go too and make money by doing it too.

    Theme Page Business Examples

    Let’s take a brief look at a few different examples of SUCCESSFUL theme pages that are actually making money in a variety of ways. See what we can learn and how they can help to formulate a good plan of action too…

    Screenshot 20221024 1536582


    – Brief –
    This is a theme page for the #vanlife community, they share other people’s content via both their own unique hashtag AND by just crediting people. 

    – Stats –
    2,000 to 16,000 likes per post

    – Monetization – 
    Their “link in bio” has a range of different options and ways it’s making money.
    Affiliate product to a van build guide
    Jewlery sales (affiliate or dropship)
    Van rental affiliate
    Youtube – extra traffic to earn from more views
    Ebooks – their products
    Forum / Blog / Marketplace / Forum etc – More traffic to get people on their list, seeing the ads and making money outside of instagram.

    – Key Note –
    Pinned post on their page to promote the DIY build a van guide (affiliate product) which would bring more traffic / sales (great thing to remember to do!)

    They have obviously expanded over time and added more features to their website to keep people coming back and re-using the same traffic to keep it growing further. This means we could replicate this and keep things simpler from day 1 and grow it to something bigger and better too…

    Screenshot 20221024 1537532


    – Brief – 
    This is the theme page all based around memes that sold for $85,000,000 (that’s MILLION) along with a few others that the 23 year old owned and built up from nothing.

    A record label “Warner Music Group” purchased it!

    Why? because of the data and instant access to 16+ million of the Gen Z population via a medium they understand, relate to and will consume without being a typical marketer. They can now use this to push specific people, songs and positive/negative spins to this crowd to influence culture (crazy clever!)

    – Stats –
    200k to 800k+ likes per post

    – Monetization –

    – Key Points –
    Obviously not something we can monetize from day 1 (it needs to be huge to be sold for these numbers) but shows that the real value with any of these is in the traffic, control and data!

    Screenshot 20221024 1539282


    – Brief –
    They share inspirational quotes from celebrities (from movies, talk shows etc) and also life quotes from people placed on a montage of “stock footage” on different celebrities in the visuals.

    – Stats – 
    4,000 to 50,000 likes (tiktok stats)

    – Monetization –
    $1.99 per message / minute of call (no idea how or why this works?)
    View monetization
    Not seen any sponsored posts yet?

    – Key Points –
    They are on both Instagram (1.5mill), Tiktok (10.2mill) and YouTube (595k), so cross promoting the same content across both platforms could increase traffic (even if one succeeds quicker/more than the other).

    Seems more of a long-term play (monetization beyond just views is new), but a competitor “GoalCast” also has a blog where they monetize with ads and use the theme pages to drive more traffic to the blog articles.

    History (the fun kind!)

    Last time I did this with another business model called solo ads

    If your new to solo ads then it’s actually a similar structure to theme pages, you build up an asset (before it was an email list) and promote affiliate products and sell the traffic to other people. This was mainly in the “make money online” niche before, where as with theme pages you can go into any niche. We will get to the theme page niches shortly 🙂

    This ended up generating $250,000 in a single year and is responsible for my first $100 a day online business which took me just 6 weeks to build up from 0. 

    I had 1000’s of people who ended up copying exactly what I was doing too and had many people generating up to $30,000 profit a month as a result.

    That followed the same format as I’m going to do now which was to blog and document about the success and failures as I go along.

    Sadly the whole industry wasn’t built on very good foundations and today, there are only a handful of solo ad sellers. <- Not sustainable.

    This time around… having the right stable foundations is VITAL!

    Holding myself publicly accountable, being able to get feedback and ideas as I went along and built connections with others who were also doing the same was really valuable. I highly recommend it!

    The Goal / Purpose

    Why on earth would I want to do this and what’s the goal(s) and purpose/reason?


    The goal…

    The goal is to build up a load of assets (the theme pages) that continue to generate money that continues to grow and can either be sold or outsourced to continue to grow without me spending hours and hours working on them.

    Income goal: $100 per day within 30 days! (last time it took me 6 weeks!)

    The purpose… 

    Obviously to generate money… BUT! Based on my human design (that’s a very interesting topic in itself), I actually really enjoy helping other people… Which is where you come in (and this blog!)

    By documenting what I’m doing too, that means that hopefully, you will follow along, see what’s possible and I’m hoping, will give it a go too and then come back, drop a comment here or in the group and share your success too.

    – Click here to join the group 🙂

    Heck! Maybe even out do my results and give me even more motivation to push further!

    So let’s break down this goal, see how it’s actually achievable and formulate some sort of plan…. (We all know plans change right?)

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    The Plan

    Don’t worry, were not going to go back to school and create some stupid business plan that will never happen and based on information and variables that don’t even matter (I hated doing those!!)

    I always keep my business plans rough and ready and as uncomplicated as possible….. (well, try to)

    Build out a theme page that re-posts other people’s content on a niche, promote a product via my “link in bio” on the profile and build out a following that continues to grow and hopefully be able to easily turn this into a “system” that anyone can take over and run for me.

    What niches will this work with? How do I keep the accounts unbanned? Which content do I re-post? 

    Initial Steps:
    The first things I need to do is prove this concept to myself!

    I should be able to do this by analysing (looking at) what other people are doing (which should hopefully answer some of these hurdles).

    Action Plan / Next Steps

    So enough talk… let’s formulate some actual next steps and an actions plan to get this going!

    – Research Competitors / Others Doing This
    What are they doing, how are they doing it, amount of content, etc etc etc

    – Niche Selection
    What niches will this work with? Is there enough fresh content to keep reposting and is this something people will pay to promote their business on (sponsored posts) / affiliate products that I can earn $$$ from and promote too.

    – Tools To Help?
    I LOVE tools! So I need to have a look and see if there is anything that will help make my job easier…. this part may change over time as I don’t HAVE to optimize things from day 1 (I don’t think!), but I do want to make this as easy as possible.


    I am really really hoping you follow this case study and journey!

    If you are, then drop a comment below, join the free FB group (click here to join) and drop your email in the box below to keep up to date.

    If there are posts underneath this one in the “related posts” section, then you can also skip ahead and read the next step on my journey… who knows… I could have sold the theme page business for $85,000,000 (yep that happened and is what actually got me interested!)

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